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About me



Jordan is an Los Angeles based photographer, originally from San Diego, California. Since childhood he has always been an artist in one form or another, dabbling in music, poetry, and screenwriiting which is what originally brought him to LA in 2011. In the process of filming a web series he cowrote, he found himself behind the camera more and more and began to shoot in his spare time for fun. He shot his first event for a friend's book release and she was so impressed with the photos that she paid him. And of course he was elated as most people often are when they get paid to do something they love and are passionate about.  


Shortly after, Jordan assisted on his first wedding for a close friend and mentor and the rest is history. He still enjoys shooting a variety of events and lifestyle situations, but most pale in comparison for him when it comes to capturing that perfect moment in a couple’s special day that will hang on their wall for the rest of their lives.

"Capturing the moments of today that will hang on your walls for generations to come."

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Jordan Ramay
Los Angeles CA
Tel: 619-518-7080


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